Company Profile

Guangzhou Willstrong New Material Holding Co., Ltd.

WILLSTRONG since 1995
Year of Establishment 2002-06-04
Business Type Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company
Registered Capital 6.36 Million USD
Main Products Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Color Coated Aluminium Coil, Zinc Composite Panel, Aluminium Panel, Ahp, Pre Painted Aluminum Coil, Metal Composite Panel, Acm, Zinc Honeycomb Panel
Main Markets North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia/ Mideast, Africa, East Asia(Japan/ South Korea), Australia
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Number of Employees 77
Management System Certification ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007
No. of Production Lines 6
No. of QC Staff 11-20 People

Research & Development Capacity

Dust-free coating workshop
High-precision extrusion lines
Professional metal working facilities
Automatic continuous composite lines
Fire-proof core material production line
State-of-the-art honeycomb panel production line
Professional R&D team
Reliable engineers team

Company Description

WILLSTRONG focus on manufacturing and supplying high quality aluminum produts for architectural cladding, sign, transportation etc...The main products includes variety of Aluminum Composite Products/fr, Aluminium Panels, and Zinc Composite Panels etc...Equiped with state-of-the-art machines and production lines, we are able provide clients with one-stop purchasing experience.

Company owns three mains brands of WILLSTRONG® , FASHIONBOND® , ALYBOND® . All of the products are widely used in building curtain wall, stores, advertising board, commercial plaza, office buildings, subway, light rail, airports, roofing, building external blinds and home decoration. With the continuous development of construction industry, new building decoration materials constantly emerging. And the application of these new building materials enable the architects realize their unimaginable artistic conception and imagination. What make us feel proud of is in more than 20 years, our WILLSTRONG ® Keep making outstanding contributions to the development of the modern architecture art and so far some part of world′s most prominent of the construction project

Adhering to the WILLSTRONG ® Consistent concept of innovation, we are committed to the continuous improvement& upgrading of the series products of aluminum composite panels. And adhere to the marketing idea "the best product with good material", our WILLSTRONG products won the high visibility and good reputation in China and all over the world. Now our products formed by aluminum composite panels as the classic and the other metal building material, such as honeycomb panel, metal coating panel, pure aluminum plate, metal ceiling products etc.

These excellent products enable us create a more broad application space in the field of global architectural decoration market. The new surface appearance, new materials and new core material combination will boost our WILLSTRONG endless creative power.

Distributorship Description

Basic Information

Countries Needed Kenya, Ethiopia, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Russia
Cooperators Needed Trading Company/whole seller/Distribution
Cooperation Type General Agent, Exclusive Agent, Non-Exclusive Agent, Distributor
Product Export Markets North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Existing Agents Country / Region Australia, Lebanon, India, Indonesia, Bolivia
Trade Terms FOB, CIF, CFR
Payment Terms LC, T/T

Supporting Services

Technical Guidance Different application of Aluminum Composite Material
Techinical data for all products
Physical performance of all products
Engineers team help aobut the installation & drawing
Fabrication and using instruction
Training Support Professional training material for basic knowledge
Major stuff training (video call, visit on site, factory visiting )
Clients training
Fabrication and using training
Cleaning and maintence
Free brochures and catalogues
Marketing Support Co-operated local building materials exhibitions
Co-operated Online Marketing Campaigns (major social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords etc)
Co-operated targeted clients group training
Support for printed media (magazines, newspaper, etc)
Clients group factory visiting
Funds supporting for local marketing activities
Customized brochures and catalogues
After-sale Service Instruction for fabrication and insallation
Instruction for cleaning and maintance
Compensation for damage caused by package
Supporting plan for quality accident
Sample Available Free color samples matched
Free samples of installation system
Free colors plates
Free samples shipped along every lots of goods
Free samples of new colors, new texture and new products
Commission & Profits Special discount for annual sales
Commision and profits
Brand reputations and market share
Invest for marketing plan
Customized marketing material
Products Specification
  • Willstrong High Quality Signage Aluminum Composite Panel
    Willstrong High Quality Signage Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Zinc-Alu Composite Panel Zcm for Wall Cladding
    Zinc-Alu Composite Panel Zcm for Wall Cladding
  • Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling
    Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling
  • PVDF/Feve Coated ACP Aluminum Composite Panel for Exterior Wall Cladding
    PVDF/Feve Coated ACP Aluminum Composite Panel for Exterior Wall Cladding
Production Capacity 6000000 Square Meters / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports ISO 90001

Product Description

Panel Thickness:  3mm, 4mm 
Aluminum Skin:     0.21mm, 0.3mm
Core Layer:          Halogen-free polyethylene (unbreakable)
Width:                  1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1575mm
Length:                2440mm, 3200mm, 4000mm, 5600mm.
Standard size:     1220*2440mm
Weight:                around 4.5 kgs / m2 
Surface on front side:  Polyester 
Color ranges:               refer to WILLSTRONG color chart, or alternative RAL/PANTONE/DULUX color series
Glossiness:                  30~98%
Back side finishes:       protective coating
*** Custom specifications are negotiable ***

Advantages & Properties
> Light weight but strong rigidity
> Excellent smoothness
> Big sizes
> Easy fabrication and installation
> Machinability
> Easy to make variety shape
> Numerous colors 
> High gloss

Project Reference with the material
Willstrong High Quality Signage Aluminum Composite Panel
Willstrong High Quality Signage Aluminum Composite Panel
Production Capacity 6000000 Square Meters / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports ISO140001

Product Description

Instead of alminium cover sheet, WILLSTRONG®  Ti-Zn Composite Panel(ZCP) is made of Titanium-Zinc from VMZINC. The ZCP offers all the excellent characteristics of ACP such as flatness, strength, and it delivers incomparable natural color and texture. 

High qualify standard, assure the superior quality
Zinc Composite Panel: Enterprise standard  Q/WLZC 4-2009
Zinc: Europe EN988
Aluminium: GB/T 3880.1
Core: GB1115, GB 1116, GB/T 15182 
Panel Thickness 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Optional Core fr core,  Poly Ethlene, honeycomb aluminum
Width990mm, 1240mm
Length2440mm, 3200mm, 4000mm, 5800mm
*** Custom sizes are negotiable ***
Physical/Mechanical Property
ItemItem DescriptionStandardConditionResults
1DensityASTM D792-02Absolute alcohol,23ºC2.147g/cm3
2Water resistanceASTM D870-0299ºC, 2HNo visual Changes
3Thermal ExpansionASTM D696-193.0μm/m·ºC
4Heat deflection TemperatureASTM D648-07Heating rate:120ºC/h Load:1.82Mpa94.8 ºC
5Shear ResistanceASTM D732-02Speed:1.3mm/min30.5Mpa
6Shear Strength10528N
7Tensile StrengthASTM D638-03Speed:500mm/min43.8MPa
8Flexural StrengthASTM D790-07 method ASpeed:1.9mm/min Span:70mm99.5MPa
9Flexural Module9390MPa
10180oC Peel strengthASTM D903-98Seperation Rate: 152.4mm/min64kg/mm

Production Capacity 1000000 Square Meters / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports ISO18001

Product Description

WILLSTRONG® AHP is an innovative composite materials in sandwich structure, composed of two thin aluminium cover sheets and  hexagonal aluminium core, laminated under hot pressure by aviation-grade adhesive agent.
ItemStandard Specification
Front SkinMaterial: Al-mg-mn alloy , Copper, Zinc and Stainless Steel, etc
Thickness:0.7mm or 1.0mm(other options are available)
Rear SkinMaterial: Al-mg-mn alloy Copper, Zinc and Stainless Steel, etc
Thickness:0.7mm or 1.0mm(other options are available)
Core Layer
Material: Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Thickness:0.075mm(other options are available)
Bore:4mm or 19mm
AdhesiveAviation grade hot melt adhesive
SurfacePVDF Coating, PET Coating (other options are available), Wood texture, Marble Texture
SizeLength≤6000mm(other options are available)
Width≤1500mm(other options are available)
ColorWILLSTRONG color chart or Customized 

Physical PerformanceExcellent high rigidity, bending strength, light weight, perfect flatness, sound insulation, hot insulation, good machinability .
ShapesNon-plane panel is possible, no need further process.
Varies of DimensionBig size, up to 1500mm*6000mm
DurabilityExcellent quality, durable for 20 years or more
Fireproof performancenon-combustible
InstallationSingle panel independently dismounting ,easy for fabrication ,installation and maintain .
JointingOpen style and closed style

1interior and exterior Wall Cladding, Canopy
2Roof , Ceiling , Partitions materials; 
3Lift and Elevator decoration material  
4Train and high speed subway, material of boat and motor homes
5Furniture material
6To produce Stone honeycomb panel

Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling
Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling
Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling
Ahp Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Architectural Facades and Canopy Ceiling

Production Capacity 6000000 Square Meters / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports CE cert

Product Description

WILLSTRONG®  ACP is acheived by lamilating a non-toxic polyethylene core between two thin prepainted aluminium skin sheets.The front aluminum skin is pre-treated to appear various colors and textures which allow architects a free design space. With high quality ACP, 3D shape design is possible. 

Aluminum Skin:  0.5mm thick aluminium alloy1100, alloy3003, alloy5005 
Core Material: non-toxic polyethylene

PVDF/Feve Coated ACP Aluminum Composite Panel for Exterior Wall Cladding
Surface Coating:  The front surface is normally finished with nontoxic and weather resistance high-performance fluorocarbon coating, and the back side is with protective coating. The surface coating is achieved in manufacturer's continuous coil coating production lines. There are several color series available from WILLSTRONG® ACM, for instance solid colors, metallic colors, spectra colors, sparkling colors,  wood and stone color, and brushed finishes etc..

Protective film: The front surface is protected with a self-adhesive  protective film in color of  black and white. The arrow mark on the protective film shows the installation guidance.

 Product Dimension
Standard Thickness4mm
Optional Thickness5mm, 6mm
Standard Width1220mm, 1250mm
Optional Width1500mm, 1525mm, 1575mm
Standard Length2440mm, 3200mm
Optional LengthMaximum length up to 8000 mm
Note:  Custom sizes can be negotiated.

Product Tolerance
Thickness of panel±0.2mm for 3 and 4mm thick panel, ±0.3mm for 5 and 6mm thick panel
Bow≤5.0mm for panel size of 1220x2440mm
Edge instraightness≤1.0mm/m

Surface performance:
PropertiesTest ConditionCriteria (two coat)Criteria (Triple Coat)
Coating thickness ≥27 um≥32 um
Glossiness tolerance ≤10≤10
Impact resistanceDiameter of the punch:12.7mm50 kg·cm50 kg·cm
Pencil hardnessSpeed: 0.5mm/s~1.0mm/s≥ HB≥ HB
Flexibility(T-bend)180° bending test≤2T≤2T
Boiling Water100ºC, 2hrsNo coating changeNo coating change
Oil resistance20#machine oil, 24hNo visible ChangeNo visible Change
Acid resistance5%HCL, 24hNo coating changeNo coating change
Alkali resistance5%NaOH; 24hNo coating change, ΔE=0.7No coating change, ΔE=0.8
Abrasion resistancequartz sand, flow:7+/-0.5L/min>5L/μm>5L/μm

Mechanical Property                                             
PropertiesTest Condition4mm
Nail-Head Pull-ThroughDiameter:9.5mm, speed: 1.25mm/min9.2kN
Shear strengthSpeed:1.25mm/min69.7
Flexural strengthSpeed: 7mm/min , Span:170mm149MPa
Flexural modulusSpeed: 7mm/min , Span:170mm3.3*104MPa
Peel strengthSeparation speed:25mm/min137N·mm/mm

Weatherability and Acourstic Property              
Weatherability Test ConditionCriteria
QUV test(55±3)ºC, humidity (65±5)%, Exposure Dose 8000MJ/m2, 4000hrsColor Fade E≤4.0
Gloss retention not less than grade 2
Other aging quality grade 0
Salt Spray (Fog ) Test35±1°C, 20±2 psi, NaCl:(50±5)g/L, PH :6.5-7.2, Continual Spraying, 4000hrsNo cracking, rusting and bubbling
 Acoustic PropertyTest Condition4mm
Sound Transmission Loss 26Rw(dB)

Processing Reference        
PVDF/Feve Coated ACP Aluminum Composite Panel for Exterior Wall Cladding

Typical Projects with WILLSTRONG® ACM:
Korona Kielce Shopping Mall
The Must Gymnasium
SIT Business & Knowledge Center
Baiyun International airport

PVDF/Feve Coated ACP Aluminum Composite Panel for Exterior Wall Cladding
Project name: Korona Kielce Shopping Mall
Location: Poland
      Champagne Metallic, PVDF coating

Sizes: 1580mm x 2640mm x 4mm
Quantity: 14000sq.meter
Completion: 2012