Company Profile

V-COOL Electrical Holdings Co., Limited

VTCOOL since 2006
Business Type Manufacturer/Factory
Main Products Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, China Heat Pump, Air Source Heat Pump, Air to Water Heat Pump, Ground Source Heat Pump, Brine to Water Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Heater, Air Conditioner, Inverter Air Water Heat Pump

Research & Development Capacity

V-COOL has team of 20 engineers which is good at designing and also developing the new products. We always design new product which will lead the trend for the field of heat pump and also hydrogen water machine.

Company Description

V-COOL Electrical Holdings Co., Limited is professional manufacturer of inverter swimming pool heat pump, inverter heat pump for house heating and also commerical pool heat pump in China for nearly 12 years history. And in the year of 2017, VTCOOL lauches our latest product range of: R410A DC inverter swimming pool heat pump and R32 DC Inverter swimming pool heat pump with our patented modern design. And our product of inverter swimming pool heat pump is characterized for its low noise level of 45dB and higher cop of 10-12 in the market.

The excellent quality of the V-COOL inverter swimming pool heat pump can be ensure that as we take the below listed parts:

* Twin rotary type for Mitsubishi brand inverter compressor

* for Panasonic brand brushless fan motor

*Military level inverter type circuit board

*APP controller is available

*Famous brand 4 way valve

*Galvanized steel with powder coated which is good function of anti corrossion.

Not only good parts we are using, V-COOL Electrical Holdings Co., Limited also have 2 years warranty for the product we supply. Which will set your ease in mind.

Besides heat pump products, our group company also invested in the field of researching, designing and manufacturing for the health care and beauty care Products and our main product range related to the field health care and beauty care is:

* PDT LED Light therapy machine with calclium supplement

*PDT beuaty machine for skin rejuvenation

*PDT LED PDT beauty machine

*Pitcher type hydrogen water maker

*hydrogen water bottle

The latest technology of wirelss charging and also light quantum these black technology is in use in our latest prodcut of health care and beauty care products. You can also google search: Viofocon Industry Limited for more information in details.

Distributorship Description

Basic Information

Countries Needed United States, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany
Cooperators Needed Importer and also distributor
Cooperation Type General Agent, Exclusive Agent, Non-Exclusive Agent, Distributor
Product Export Markets North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Existing Agents Country / Region Australia, Germany, Finland

Supporting Services

After-sale Service 2-3 years warranty will be provided for our products. and we will provide 1% - 1.5% spare parts free of charge and the spare parts will be shipped toghether with the shipment.
Sample Available Sample order is acceptable for us.
Commission & Profits we will provide 100% support to our partners which will help to win the market.
Products Specification
  • Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump
    Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Evi Heat Pump for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water
    Evi Heat Pump for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water
  • 2017 New Hydrogen Water Maker China Factory
    2017 New Hydrogen Water Maker China Factory
  • 2017 Hydrogen Rich Water Machine with Function of Heating
    2017 Hydrogen Rich Water Machine with Function of Heating
Production Capacity 30000 Pieces / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports EMC

Product Description

DC Inverter air to water heat pump/ DC Inverter air source heat pump characteristics:

1. Capacity range: 10kw,15kw&18kw.
2. The cop is above 4.5.
3. Can be used for floor heating, fan coils, water heaters and also swimming pools, and modern radiators.
4. With CE, RoHS standard.
5. Inside unit include(controller, three way valve, flow switch, WILO water pump, plate heat Ex and inside connection)
6. Outside unit with DC inverter R410a, electrical expansion valve, compressor heater, base heater, condenser bottom heater.

Spec of V-COOL inverter air water heat pump:
ModelVS90-DC VS150-DC VS180-DC 
Horse Power3 HP5 HP6 HP
Power supplyPh-V-Hz1,220V~,50HZ
Normal condition         (Air temp. 7ºC,cycle hot water temperature temp.45ºC)Heating capacityKW9.015.018.0
Power KW2.634.325.20
EER(energy efficiency ratio)COPW/W3.423.473.46
Normal condition          (Air temp.  -12ºC,cycle hot water temperature 41ºC)Heating capacityKW5.39.011.0
Power KW2.33.824.70
EER(energy efficiency ratio)COPW/W2.302.352.34
Normal condition          (Air temp.  35ºC,cycle hot water temperature 7ºC)Refrigerating capacityKW8.314.515.5
Power KW2.614.584.87
EER(energy efficiency ratio)W/W3.173.163.18
Heating comprehensive energy efficiency coefficient IPLV(H)W/W2.803.083.05
Heating comprehensive energy efficiency coefficient IPLV(C)W/W4.254.224.15
Capacity range(%)15-120
Auxiliary electric heating powerKW3.0
Auxiliary electric heating currentA13.6
Max input powerKW4.2+3.06.2+3.06.6+3.0
Max input currentA19.09+13.628.18+13.630.0+13.6
Outdoor unit sizeMachine (length * width * height)mm920*340*8201030*400*13301030*400*1330
Packaging (length * width * height)mm1025*455*8401150*480*14501150*480*1450
Net weight/Gross weightkg57/60.0105.5/123105.5/123
Indoor unit sizeMachine (length * width * height)mm485*350*690485*350*690485*350*690
Packaging (length * width * height)mm550*415*790550*415*790550*415*790
Net weight/Gross weightkg35.5/38.544/4744/47
Rated water flowm3/h>1.6>2.6>3.1
Water side pressure lossKpa22.038.541.0
Water inlet and outlet tube sizeDNDN25,brass external thread
Max working pressureMpa4.2
Refrigeration temp.setting rangeºC7~35
Heating temp.setting range  ºC20~60
Usage temperature working rangeºC-25~43
Product execution standardGB/T25127.2-2010          GB4706.32-2012

Production Capacity 30000 Pieces / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports RoHS

Product Description

Product description of V-COOL Evi air source heat pump water heater: 

The V-COOL evi air water heat pump for heating house can reach up to 60-65 degrees, which greatly expanded the field of heat pump applications can be directly recycled from 20 to 55 low-grade waste heat resources, a system of 60 to 65 degree hot water for heating, saving a lot of primary energy, with very good energy-saving and environmental benefits.

1.Parts we are using for high temperature heat pump water heater:

a.High efficient Compressor
-Energy efficient,the unit uses the world advanced technology,air injection&increase enthalpy systems,high efficiency heat exchanger technology,technology,air injection and enthalpy increase,higher COP in low temperature.
b.Microcomputer Controller
-Microcomputer controlled power-off memory,automatic fault detection,protection timely,more reliable,use more confidence.
c.Metal Plate
-Metal plate:we select excellent plate whose thinness is enough(1.55MM) and can resist correction for use Grade 1 galvanized and superior static coating.
-Others use common metal plate(0.82MM)
-Exchanger we use hydrophilically coated heat exchanger prevent debris sticking to it and is with nice color and high efficiency.
-Other use common heat exchanger which is not hydrophilically coated is with low heat exchanger efficiency.
e.Electronic expansion valve
-Electronic expansion valve: we use Alco with accurate control of refrigerant flow is more energy-efficient.
-Others use common EEV without accurate control is less energy-efficient.
-Non-CFC insulation:we use high density foaming insulation with good heating protection.
-Others use low density foaming insulation which is without good heating protection.
 2.Features of V-COOL high temperature heat pump water heater: 
a. Workable ambient temperature range - 20ºC to 60ºC
b. Delivers higher capacity at low evaporating temperature thereby better responding to heating requirement thanks to EVI compressor.

c. CE certification, TUV certified efficiency, designed and tested by European standard EN14511.

d. On line system as an optional part, offer 24 hours continuous service for the user and distributor: Analyze the running data record for the new and each installed heat pumps; Put forward advises to make improvement.; Check the system alarms, send email to each distributors.
e.Heating capacity: 15KW, 30KW&60kw.
f.Refrigeration: R410a
g.Compressor: Danfoss scroll type compressor
h.Heat exchanger: Plate type heat exchange
i.Electronic parts: Scheider

Application: The units can use in -25 centigrade low temperature, provide house heating function, hot water supply. 

Installation for heating only:

Installation for cooling and heating:
Evi air water heat pump all in one model
Voltage 220V380V220V380V220V380V380V
Operating Ambient TemperatureºC-25~+43
Heating capacity / COP  A20W55/COPkw/--12.0/4.212.0/4.218.0/4.319/4.322/4.224/4.238/3.6
Input voltage/220V 1N~50Hz380V 3N~50Hz220V 1N~50Hz380V 3N~50Hz220V 1N~50Hz380V 3N~50Hz380V 3N~50Hz
Input powerA7W45kw2.
MAX.Running CurrentA156.52511.229.514.622.4
Protection grade/IPX4
Refrigerant/Filling quantity--/kgR407/2.2R407/3.5R407/4.5R407/4.5R407/5R407/5R407/4.5x2
CompressorType/Hermetic scrollHermetic scrollEVI scrollEVI scrollEVI scrollEVI scrollEVI scroll
Heat ExchangerAir SideType/Aluminum Hydrophillic Fin-Tube
Air Discharge Direction/HorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalVertical
Water SideType/Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Domestic 
MAX Flow TemperatureºC58/5
Water ConnectioninchDN32DN32DN32DN32DN32DN32DN40
Rated Flow Ratem³/h1.
Pressure DropkPa≤40≤40≤45≤45≤45≤45≤50
Packing size(L*W*H)mm1200*550*13001180x660x14101180x660x14101550x930x1280
Net weightkg110110180180180180280
Gross weightkg127127200200200200296
Due to product improvement,above data are subject to change  without prior notice,please take the nameplate on the heat pump as standard. 
Production Capacity 500000 Pieces / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports EMC

Product Description

Viofocon new model of PEM/SEP series hydrogen water bottle is a new designed device which can generate rich hydrogen water for drinking and at the same time  can be docked to bottle water to produce rich hydrogen water with at least 1200ppb rich hydrogen water in 3 minutes.  This multi function portable hydrogen water maker can be widely used in the outdoor gym activities and you can drink free rich hydrogen water anytime and also is easy to carry.



Feature of Viofocon PEM/SEP  series bottle type hydrgen water maker: 

1.     Fast time of making rich hydrogen water: Just press the button, you will get high concentration hydrogen water in 3 minutes.

2.     Design of portable, light in weight, easy-for-operation and fashionable design for Viofocon bottle type hydrogen water generator with PEM/SEP technique.

3.     Rich hydrogen water is produced by advanced electrolysis technology with longer lifetime.

4.     Our product of PEM/SEP series hydrogen water bottle can be docked with bottle water and you can get free rich hydrogen water anytime. 

5.     Viofocon product of PEM/SEP series bottle type hydrogen water maker is transforming regular water into hydrogen rich water for daily usage, suggest drinking 7 cups of hydrogen water to keep healthy each day.

6.     With new technology of SPE( Solid poly electrolytic ) and electrolysis plate has PEM ( proton exchange membrane) so our product of hydrogen water bottle can produce pure and safe hydrogen rich water , without by products such as OZONE, CHLORINE and other oxides.

7.     Large battery capacity of 4000ma which can be used for long time of 9-12 hours.

8.     Water bottle capacity is 450ml which can provide you fresh rich hydrogen water for you to keep healthy and maintain beauty.

9. With function of auto cleaning for the bottle type hydrogen water maker. 

Operational instructions: 



Production Capacity 500000 Pieces / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports RoHS

Product Description

Introduction for V-COOL hydrogen water maker/hydrogen water generator: 

1.what is V-COOL hydrogen water machine/hydrogen water maker: 

Professional portable hydrogen rich water generator bottle Hydrogen rich water generator hydrogen gas maker
1) Powerful Anti-Oxidants
- Hydrogen water removes oxygen free radical in the body.
2) Smaller water cluster size
- Hydrogen water penetrates into the body very quickly
3) Hydrating body
- Improving cellular health and enhancing better nutrient absorption

2. Specification of V-COOL hydrogen water machine: 

3. Disease Prevention

Hydrogen water protects from formation of free radicals by giving them electrons. (Free radicals starve for electrons. If their hunger for electrons is not satisfied, they turn against the human cells causing damages to cells, impairing the immune system, leading to infections and various degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc...)Health improvements - The combination of superior hydration, strong cleansing and antioxidant power at cellular level is beneficial for several health conditions. Hydrogen-water also supports the body's natural healing ability by providing ideal biological conditions and healthy environment, where no bacteria or virus can live.

4.Features of V-COOL hydrogen water machine:

- Enjoy hydrogen water anytime and anywhere
- Making hydrogen-rich water in just 8 minutes
- Generating pH 8.0 and ORP -200mV
- The process of hydrogen bubble generation can be checked
- 6-10times use on a single charge
- Simple batter charge with USB cable anytime and anywhere

5.Instructions For Use
1. Fill the container with liquid, make sure the cap is securely fastened.
2. Touch On/Off for 2 seconds.
3. Touch again to select High or low grade.
4. After selecting a time a few seconds later the unit will begin electrolyzing.
5. The unit will automatically shut off when the electrolyzing process is completed.

1. Fasten the bottle and base tightly before adding the liquid!!!
2. Use drinkable water ONLY, Do not add carbonated beverages!!!
3. Put in the drinking water 30 minutes before the first time using!!!
4. Drink immediately after generating!!!
5. Liquid temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit)!!!

7.Charging The Unit
 The Hydrogen Water Cup comes with a USB charging cable.
When the unit needs charging the battery status will indicate empty.
1.  Carefully open the USB cap covering the USB connection, attach the cable to the unit and a computer USB connection of mobile phone charging connection.
2.  A red light will show that the battery is charging.
3.  When charging is completed the light will turn blue.
4. Charging should complete in 20 - 40 minutes.

Q1: Manufacturer or Trade company about corporation nature
Our factory is located at Shunde Foshan and also Zhongshan  China, , as the members of company have been boosting, hence, R&D department, sales team, technical team and senior managers now work in main office; there're production division and QC department in factory.

Q2: What usually annual production and annual turnover would be 
Monthly production is above 30,000 sets (real data) , and current annual output is approaching 30million dollars

Q3: What about lead time
Sample: 3~5 working days
Order in bulk: 3~7 working days depending on order quantities
OEM order: 7-10 working days after receiving your confirmation with sample and payment

Q4: Has your company ever participated in any exhibitions 
Canton fair, HK fair and some overseas fairs

Q5: What payment methods does your company support