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SINOVO since 1998
Year of Establishment 2010-11-17
Business Type Manufacturer/Factory
Registered Capital 1.48 Million USD
Main Products Rotary Drilling Rig, Diaphragm Wall Equipment, Piling Rig, Hydraulic Pile Breakers, Desander, Hydraulic Crawler Drills, Hydraulic Crawler Crane, Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig, Water Well Drilling Rig, Geological Drilling Rig
Main Markets Europe, Southeast Asia/ Mideast
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Number of Employees 10
Management System Certification ISO 9001, LEED
No. of Production Lines Above 10
No. of R&D Staff 21-30 People
No. of QC Staff 5-10 People

Company Description

Welcome to Beijing SINOVO International & SINOVO Heavy Industry Co. Ltd, a professional drilling rig manufacturer in China. We manufacture and supply a wide range of products of construction industry, from drill rigs, desanders, diaphragm wall equipment, to piling rigs, etc. Some of our popular products include rotary drilling rigs, CFA equipment, hydraulic crawler drills, horizontal directional drills, water well drilling rigs, geological drilling rigs, and top head drive drilling systems. These products are designed and built for surface mining, water well, exploration, pile foundation construction, and tunnel construction applications around the world.

As the demand for high-speed railways, bridges, and high-rise buildings continues to grow, the need of drilling equipment is also increasing. At SINOVO, we strive to fulfill to this need by developing reliable and efficient rotary drilling rigs, CFA drilling equipment, and diaphragm wall grabs, etc. Through our years of unremitting efforts, now our products are CE certified and satisfying customers worldwide.

To stay competitive in the market, we continually apply advanced technology and equipment. For example:

1. We use locomotive control and drive technology to produce our drilling rigs.

2. Our vehicle-mounted electrical control systems adopt high-performance controllers, monitors, sensors and other electrical components.

3. Caterpillar expandable undercarriage is used in the production of our drilling equipment. The low centre of gravity and movable counterweight ensure great stability.

4. Key components of hydraulic system are international famous brands products. Thus, together with load-feedback technology, allows the flow and power output to be distributed according to the actual need of each device.

5. Structural elements are solid and reliable. For example, key connecting bolts are widely used in railway.

Masts are connected by pins for easy assembly.

6. Environmentally friendly Euro III diesel engines with less noise, vibration, lower harmful emissions.

As an ISO9001: 2000 & CE certified company, we are focused on providing high quality drilling equipment to all of our customers. Product design is where we start. We have our own design institute which composed of over 20 senior engineers. In addition, all production procedures, from raw material selection to product delivery, are strictly monitored by our inspectors. Furthermore, key components of our products are imported from world renowned companies. All of this combines to make our drilling rigs and piling rigs highly reliable.

At Beijing SINOVO International & SINOVO Heavy Industry Co. Ltd, we have also given much attention to customer service. We are dedicated to helping customers work safely and efficiently using our horizontal directional drills, water well drilling rigs and geological drilling rigs. All our products come with a one-year warranty. Within the warranty period, we offer free installation, debugging, parts replacement, operator training and maintenance service for customers.

As a result of our superior quality and service, our rotary drilling rigs, diaphragm wall grabs, and piling rigs are increasingly popular in worldwide market, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, African, Europe, etc. Welcome you from all over the world to come and visit our factory

Distributorship Description

Basic Information

Countries Needed Canada, Algeria, Brazil, Ethiopia, Russia
Cooperators Needed Distributor
Cooperation Type General Agent, Exclusive Agent, Distributor
Product Export Markets North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Trade Terms FOB, CIF, CFR
Payment Terms LC, T/T

Supporting Services

Technical Guidance By our engineer at your jobsite for max 7 days as required. who will erect and commission the equipment together with your staff and train your staff
in the operation and maintenance of the equipment
Training Support By our engineer at your jobsite for max 7 days as required. who will erect and commission the equipment together with your staff and train your staff
in the operation and maintenance of the equipment
After-sale Service The 2000 working hours spare parts are shipped with main machine and set up spare parts warehouse, engineers supply after sale service in local and enjoy global service from local CAT company;
Products Specification
  • Thrust Jack Deep Soil Drilling Tools Casing Rotator for Foundation
    Thrust Jack Deep Soil Drilling Tools Casing Rotator for Foundation
  • SPA5 concrete cutter round square 12 modules pile preaker
    SPA5 concrete cutter round square 12 modules pile preaker
  • TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig - Piles for 2500mm diameter 85m depth
    TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig - Piles for 2500mm diameter 85m depth
  • XYT-2B trailer mounted drilling rig core drilling machine
    XYT-2B trailer mounted drilling rig core drilling machine
Production Capacity 100 Other / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports CE

Product Description

The casing rotator is a kind of newly developed drilling equipment integrating the advantage of hydraulic power system and transmission device. It is controlled by mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system, featuring environmental protection and high efficiency.
In recent years, our rotary drilling is widely used in subway construction, secant piling for foundation pit protection, discarded pile( underground obstacle) clearance, as well as high speed rail, road, bridge, and urban construction. In addition, our casing rotator is an ideal tool for reservoir dam reinforcement.  

Features are below:
  1. Foundation pile and diaphragm wall construction
A. Foundation piles for high-speed rail, bridge, road, and house construction
B. Secant piling for subway platform, underground building, diaphragm wall, and other construction requiring heavy excavation.
C. Reservoir retention wall reinforcement.
   2.Cobble stone, boulders and karst cave drillingA. it supports foundation pile construction in the mountain land with cobble stone and boulder.
B. Application at coastal region is allowed, where it features thick quicksand and hole shrinkage, for foundation pile construction.
C. The piling equipment can be used for socket pile construction too.
    3. Underground obstructions clerance
In the process of urban construction and bridge reconstruction, our casing rotator can be employed for cleaning reinforced concrete pile, steel-pipe pile, steel H pile, PC pile, wooden pile, and some others, realizing foundation pile poured in place.
   4.Rock stratum drilling
A. Rock socketed drilling for pile poured in place
B. Through hole drilling on sill for vertical shaft or ventilation hole
   5. Deep excavation
A. Poured in place for steel pipe insertion for deep foundation improvement.
B. Deep well digging for construction of reservoir and tunnel
  1. Aside from little noise and vibration, our casing rotator has has safety.
  2. Requiring little mud, the construction site is clean. In addition to environmental protection, it prevents mud entering into concrete for high quality pile formation, which is conducive to improvement of the concrete bond stress to rebar.
  3. During construction, workers can determine the stratum and rock character, intuitively.
  4. For regular soil layer, the drilling speed of the casing rotator reaches up to 14m/hour.
  5. According to soil layer condition, the maximum drilling depth can be as high as 80m.
  6. It is easy for operator to understand the hole perpendicularity, which can be accurate to 1/500.
  7. Hole collapse can be avoided, achieving high drilling quality.
  8. Compared with other hole drilling method, our product drills holes with standard diameter and small concrete filling coefficient.
  9. Our drilling machine is distinguished by complete and speedy hole cleaning. The drilling waste at the hole bottom is no more than 3cm.
Thrust Jack Deep Soil Drilling Tools Casing Rotator for Foundation
Production Capacity 100 Sets / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports CE

Product Description

                                                   SPA/F Hydraulic Pile Breakers Introduction
The leading hydraulic pile breaker with five patented technologies and adjustable chain, it is the most efficient equipment to break the foundation plies. Due to the modular design, the pile breaker can be used for breaking different sizes of piles. Equiped with the chains, it can work with different equipments to break piles.
Feature (Apply to all Pile Breakers)
The hydraulic pile breaker has the following features: easy operation, high efficiency, low cost, less noise, more safty and steadibility. It imposes no impact force on the parent body of the pile and no influence on the bearing capacity of the pile, and shortens the construction period greatly.It is applicable for pile-group works and is recommended strongly by the construction department and the supervision department.
1. Environment-friendly: Its full hydraulic drive causes little noises during operation and no influence on the surrounding environments.
2. Low-cost : The operating system is easy and convenient.Fewer operating workers are required to save cost for labor and machines maintenance during construction.
3. Multi-function: Module generalization is realized with our SPF400 square pile machine. It can be used for both circular piles and square piles by changing the module combination.
4. Small volume: It's light for convenient transportation.
5. Safety: Contact-free operation is enabled and it can be applied for construction on complex land form.
6. Universal property: It can be driven by diverse power sources and is compatible with excavators or hydraulic system according to the construction sites conditions. It is flexible to connect multiple construction machines with universal and economical performance. The telescopic sling lifting chains meet the requirements of various landforms.
7. Long service life: It is made of military material by firstclass suppliers with reliable quality, extending its service life.
8. Convenience: It's small for convenient transportation.Replaceable and changeable module combination makes its applicable for piles with various diameters. The modules can be assembled and disassembled easily and conveniently
SPA5 Hydraulic Pile Breaker 
Specification (a group of 14 modules )
Range of Pile diameter (mm) Φ960 - Φ1060
Maximum Drill rod pressure 325kN
Maximum stroke of hydraulic cylinder 150mm
Maximum pressure of hydraulic cylinder 34.3MPa
Maximum flow of single cylinder 25L/min
Cut the number of pile/8h 60
Height for cutting pile each time ≤ 300mm
Supporting the digging machine Tonnage (excavator) ≥ 20t
One-piece module weight120kg
One-piece module size 604×594×286mm
Work status dimensions Φ2268×2500
Total pile breaker weight 1.5t
SPA5 Hydraulic Pile Breaker 
Construction's Parameters
Module numbersThe diameter range(mm)Platform weight breaker weight(t)Total pile breaker
Height of single crush pile(mm)
7300 - 40012940300
8435 - 535131060300
9570 - 670151180300
10700 - 800201300300
11830 - 930201420300
12960 - 1060201540300
SPA5 Hydraulic Pile Breaker 
Reference Photos
SPA5 concrete cutter round square 12 modules pile preaker
SPA5 concrete cutter round square 12 modules pile preaker
SPA5 concrete cutter round square 12 modules pile preaker
SPA5 Hydraulic Pile Breaker 

1.When you will send the pile breaker?

A:We will send pile breaker as soon as possible after payment confirmed.

2.When I will receive parcel?

A:The delivery time is about 10 working days,we prefer express delivery,usually takes 3-7 days to delivery by DHL/FedEx/UPS.Container cargo will send by sea freight FOB/CIF,delivery time depends on destination port.

3.Which payment your company accept?

A:We accept T/T,  Western Union, L/C payment.

4.What warranty I have?

A:6 months warranty,not included human damaged.

Contact Information

Beijing Sinovo International Corp
Sinovo Heavy Industry Co.Ltd
Contact Person:Snow
Office: (86)-10-5190 9163-8007
Fax: (86)-10-5190 9071
Production Capacity 200 Other / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports SGS

Product Description

TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig
TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig - Piles for 2500mm diameter 85m depth

TR Series rotary drilling rigs

Basic Information
New design with advanced technology, composed of advantages based on ORIGINAL Caterpillar undercarriage.
They are the most versatile and used for deep foundation, such as construction of railway, highway, bridge and skyscraper.
The rotary drilling rigs can be specially equipped with telescopic friction & interlocking Kelly bar, and casing oscillator for suiting the following applications:
Cased bore piles with casing driven adapter through rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator powered by the base carrier itself;
Deep bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole;
Soil Displacement Piling System

Main Features
- High stability and quality original caterpillar base
- Compact powerful rotary head
- Emergency mode of operation for engine
- PCL controller for all electrically actuated functions, colorful LCD display
- Mast support unit
- Original Patented driving structure of double motors and double reduces
- Controlled free-fall main and auxiliary winch
- Innovative enhanced electro-hydraulic proportional system
- Ease of transport and quickly assembly

TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig - Piles for 2500mm diameter 85m depth

TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig - Piles for 2500mm diameter 85m depth

TR280D Rotary Drilling Rig 

Technical Parameters
 Euro StandardsU.S. Standards
Max drilling depth  85m279ft
Max hole diameter  2500mm98in
Engine modelCAT C-9CAT C-9
Rated power 261KW350HP
Max torque 280kN.m206444lb-ft
Rotating speed  6~23rpm6~23rpm
Max crowd force of cylinder  180kN40464lbf
Max extraction force of cylinder  200kN44960lbf
Max stroke of crowd cylinder  5300mm209in
Max pulling force of main winch  240kN53952lbf
Max pulling speed of main winch  63m/min207ft/min
Wire line of main winch   Φ30mmΦ1.2in
Max pulling force of auxiliary winch  110kN24728lbf
UndercarriageCAT 336DCAT 336D
Track shoe width   800mm32in
width of crawler 3000-4300mm118-170 in
Whole machine weight (with kelly bar) 78T78T
                               --by first class key components:

Base: Original Caterpillar 336D base
Engine: C-9 engine with ACERT™ technology
Hydraulic systems adopt Rexroth motor and wave
Electric systems are from Pal-Fin auto-control
Rotary drive:  Rexroth AbVM200HA2/63 Motor;
                        Brevini SL3002 reducer;
Main winch: Rexroth GFT110 Reducer;
                       Rexroth A6VM200ET2D Motor;

Contact Information
Beijing Sinovo International Corp
Sinovo Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd 
Contact Person: Ms. Sara Li
Office: (86)-10-5190 9163-8004
Fax: (86)-10-5190 9071,

Any further information about the specification, after sale service, CAT global service, price,etc, please feel free to contact with us.
Production Capacity 200 Other / year
Product Certifications / Testing Reports ISO.GOST

Product Description

Series spindle type core drilling rigs are mounted on trailer with four hydraulic jacks, self-erect mast by hydraulic control, which are mainly used for core drilling, soil investigation, small water well and diamond bit drilling.

Compact size and light weight of mechanical transmission, large diameter of rotating, unit's spindle, long distance of support span and good rigidity, hexagonal Kelly ensure the torque transfer.
The trailer is equipped with radial tyres, and four hydraulic supporting jacks, which is used for leveling the drill before working and strength the stability of rig.
The hydraulic mast is composed of main mast and mast extension, which greatly improve working efficiency, and are very easy for transportation and operation. Compared with common core drilling rig, trailer type core drilling rigs have put off heavy derrick and save cost.
With high and optimum rotating speed, the rig can meet various requirement of small diameter diamond drilling, large diameter carbide drilling and all kinds of the engineering hole drilling.
During the feeding process, the hydraulic system could adjust the feeding speed and pressure to meet requirements of drilling in various stratums.
A bottom-hole pressure gauge is equipped to monitor the drilling pressure.
Automobile type transmission and clutch is equipped to achieve good commonality and easy maintenance.
Centralized control panel makes operation convenient.
The octagonal structure spindle is more suitable to transmission in large torque.

XYT-2B trailer mounted drilling rig core drilling machine
Specifications of trailer geological core drilling rig
 Fundamental parameters
Drilling depthm280300600
Drilling diameter mm60-38080-52075-800
Rod diameter mm5050/6050  60
Drilling angle°0-9070-9070-90
Overall dimension mm4460x1890x22504460x1890x22505000x2200x2300
Rig weight  kg332033204120
Skid  //
 Rotation unit  
Spindle speed  
Co-rotationr/min88, 197, 296, 399, 655, 888, 70,146,179,267,370,450,677,1145,75,135,160,280,355,495,615,1030,
Reverse rotationr/min66, 147    70, 155  64,160
Spindle stroke   mm510550550
Spindle pulling force      KN496868
Spindle feeding force     KN294646
Maximum output torque  N.m170025503500
Lifting speed m/s0.31,  0.72,  1.06?? 0.64,1.33, 2.440.31,0.62,1.18,2.0
Lifting capacity KN2025, 15, 7.530
Cable diameter mm121515
Drum diameter  mm170200264
Brake diameter mm296350460
Brake band width mm607490
Frame moving device  
Frame moving stroke mm420420420
Distance away from holemm250300300
Hydraulic oil pump    
Type YBC12-125  (left)CB-25CBW-E320
Rated flow L/min184040
Rated pressure Mpa1088
Rated rotation speedr/min2500  
 Power unit  
Diesel engine  
Type L28N485QCZ4102
Rated power KW2024.635.3
Rated speed  r/min220018002000