Heavy Machine Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring Swing Bearing with SGS
Heavy Machine Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring Swing Bearing with SGS
Product Certifications /Testing Reports:
Product Description
Patent Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring/ Swing Bearing/ Slewing Bearing with SGS
The world's first ball slewing ring applied with eppliptical raceway is based on the traditional double circle-arc raceway(commonly called peach shape raceway),
Compared with traditional raceway, the advantage:
1. Load capacity increased over 30%, service life doubled with the same diameter of raceway and ball
2.Save raw material over 20% and save procurement cost over 10%.
The purchase cost reduce over 35% while slewing ring applied with elliptic raceway instead three-row roller.

Widely used in XCMG, Fuwa, Hitachi ,Liugong, Zoomlion, Lishide,Carter, Jonyang,Rongan etc.

Company Introduction:
    Annual production capacity of 100,000 pieces, covers an area of 93,000 M2, plant area of 45, 000 M2; 3000 types of standards productsTechnical team of 26 engineers; with 30 years technical accumulation, 4 of leading experts in the technical team were involved in documentation of the National Slewing Ring StandardsThree production branches, headquarter in Maanshan, with strong research and development capacity delivered by own Institute of Slewing Ring ResearchPatent products: Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring, Slewing Ring with Gear Hardness Gradient and Levelness Adjustable Slewing RingStrategic partner of many famous OEMS: HITACHI, AICHI, BAUER, XCMG, LIUGONG. Group, etc.Honored as National Key Industry revitalization and technical reform subsidy for capital expenditure of the central government.

Tongli is a high-technology company, with a strong research and development capacity delivered 
by our own Institute of Slewing Ring Research. Tongli has a strict quality control system. 
Every  single slewing ring is inspected by many kinds of specialized equipments every day.

Below is our product  list for excavator spare parts
1Komatsu PC40-1051Hitachi EX100-5101Kobelco SK907B151Daewoo DH300-7
2Komatsu PW60-552Hitachi EX120-2                             102Kobelco SK09152Daewoo DH55
3Komatsu PC60-5(1)53Hitachi EX120-3103Kobelco SK03153Daewoo DH55
4Komatsu PC60-5(2)54Hitachi ZX120104Kobelco SK04154Daewoo DH55
5Komatsu PC60-6(Z=76)55Hitachi EX120-1105Kobelco SK60-5155Caterpillar CAT110
6Komatsu PC60-6(Z=80)56Hitachi EX120-5106Kobelco SK60-6156Caterpillar CAT215
7Komatsu PC60-7(Z=76)57Hitachi EX150107Kobelco SK200-3/5157Caterpillar CAT215B
8Komatsu PC60-7(Z=80)58Hitachi EX160WD-1108Kobelco SK200-6158Caterpillar CAT225
9Komatsu PC90-659Hitachi EX200-1109Kobelco SK210-6E159Caterpillar CAT280
10Komatsu PC100-560Hitachi EX200-2,3,5110Kobelco SK200-8160Caterpillar CAT200B
11Komatsu PC120-561Hitachi ZX200111Kobelco SK235161Caterpillar CAT305.5
12Komatsu PC120-6(4D95)62Hitachi EX210-5112Kobelco SK330-3162Caterpillar CAT320B
13Komatsu PC120-6(4D102)63Hitachi ZX210113Kobelco SK350163Caterpillar CAT320C
14Komatsu PC130-764Hitachi EX220-5114Kobelco SK450-6E164Caterpillar CAT320D
15Komatsu PC150-765Hitachi ZX225U(1)115Sumitomo SH60-1165Caterpillar CAT320L
16Komatsu PC20HT66Hitachi ZX225U(2)116Sumitomo SH120-1166Caterpillar CAT325
17Komatsu PC200-167Hitachi ZX230117Sumitomo SH120-2167Caterpillar CAT325B
18Komatsu PC200-268Hitachi ZX240118Sumitomo SH120-3168Caterpillar CAT325C
19Komatsu PC200-369Hitachi ZX270119Sumitomo SH120169Caterpillar CAT330C
20Komatsu PC200-570Hitachi EX300-1120Sumitomo SH140170Hyundai R55-7
21Komatsu PC200-6(1)71Hitachi EX300-2121Sumitomo SH145171Hyundai R60-5
22Komatsu PC200-6(2)72Hitachi EX300-3122Sumitomo SH200A1172Hyundai R60-7(1)
23Komatsu PC200-6(NEW)73Hitachi EX300-5123Sumitomo SH200A2173Hyundai R60-7(2)
24Komatsu PC200-6(6D95)74Hitachi ZX330124Sumitomo SH200A3174Hyundai R110-7
25Komatsu PC200-775Hitachi ZX350-5125Sumitomo SH200C2175Hyundai R130-5
26Komatsu PC200-876Hitachi ZX450H126Sumitomo SH200C3176Hyundai R130-7
27Komatsu PC220-377Kato HD250-7127Sumitomo SH220-2177Hyundai R170-5
28Komatsu PC220-578Kato HD450-5128Sumitomo SH220-3178Hyundai R200-5
29Komatsu PC220-779Kato HD450-7129Sumitomo SH225179Hyundai R200-7
30Komatsu PC220-880Kato HD450130Sumitomo SH260180Hyundai R210-3
31Komatsu PC22881Kato HD512131Sumitomo SH265181Hyundai R215-7
32Komatsu PC240-882Kato HD516132Sumitomo SH280182Hyundai R220-5
33Komatsu PC300-283Kato HD770SE133Sumitomo SH300-2183Hyundai R225-7
34Komatsu PC300-384Kato HD770-1134Sumitomo SH300-3184Hyundai R260LC-7
35Komatsu PC300-585Kato HD770-2135Sumitomo SH330185Hyundai R290
36Komatsu PC300-686Kato HD700-2136Sumitomo SH340186Hyundai R305LC-7
37Komatsu PC350-687Kato HD700-5137Sumitomo SH350187Hyundai R300
38Komatsu PC360-788Kato HD700-7138Sumitomo SH40T188Volvo EC210B
39Komatsu PC400-189Kato HD800-5139Sumitomo SH430189Volvo EC210
40Komatsu PC400-390Kato HD800-7140Daewoo DH55-3190Volvo EC290
41Komatsu PC400-591Kato HD820-1141Daewoo DH55-5191Volvo EC360
42Komatsu PC400-692Kato HD820-3142Daewoo DH200-3192Samsung PS132
43Komatsu PC450-593Kato HD1250/1430143Daewoo DH220-2193Samsung PS210
44Komatsu PC450-694Kobelco SK120-5144Daewoo DH220-3194Samsung PS292
45Komatsu PC450-795Kobelco SK130-7145Daewoo DH220-5195Samsung MX08-2
46Komatsu PC65096Kobelco SK07-1146Daewoo DH220-7LC196Liebherr 914
47Hitachi EX60-197Kobelco SK07-1-N2147Daewoo DH225-7197Liebherr 924
48Hitachi EX60-2,398Kobelco SK07-N2(1)148Daewoo DH280198Liebherr 934
49Hitachi EX60-599Kobelco SK07-N2(2)149Daewoo DH290-5199Case CX240
50Hitachi EX90100Kobelco SK07-2150Daewoo DH300-5200Mitsubishi 230

Product Gallery
Special L-Shaped/ Thin Section/Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing with Internal Gear ISO9001
Special L-Shaped/ Thin Section/Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing with Internal Gear ISO9001
Maximum Size of Single Row Ball Slewing Ring with SGS
Maximum Size of Single Row Ball Slewing Ring with SGS
Open/Closed Type Slewing Drive with Worm/Helical Gear
Open/Closed Type Slewing Drive with Worm/Helical Gear
Slewing Ring/Bearing Swing Bearing/Turntable/Spare Part with Gear Hardness Gradient for Excavator Hitachi Cat 320 B with SGS
Slewing Ring/Bearing Swing Bearing/Turntable/Spare Part with Gear Hardness Gradient for Excavator Hitachi Cat 320 B with SGS
Basic Information
Partners Needed: Industrial Equipment & Components » SLEWING FOR ALL KINDS OF APPLICATIONS
Agents Target Country/Region: Brazil, Pakistan, United States, South Africa, United Arab Emirates
Product Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Types of Cooperators: General Agent, Exclusive Agent, Non-Exclusive Agent, Distributor
Payment Terms: LC, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Small-amount payment
Supporting Services
Technical Guidance: 1.Technical consultant Luo Shijun----The first theoretical research experts of slewing ring in China.
2.President Houning, Wu Liping----Devote themselves to design and manufacturing of slewing ring since 1983.
3.Theoretical research---The chapter ′SLEWING RING′ on the book ′Hydraulic Excavator′ is complied by President Hou Ning, and Deputy Chief Engineer Xu Lihua.
4. University-industry cooperation----Cooperation with Anhui University of Technology and Hefei University of Technology ,, studying of basic theory of slew ring.
5. Application----Provide suitable design for OEMs.
Training Support: Kinds of quality control training, operating training, and to improve operate skill and quality awareness are been conducted.
Marketing Support: We have a mature and successful products series with the spare parts dealers, such as KINN ANN, JSB, and products have mainly exported to America, Europe, Singapore,Indonesia,India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan etc.
In addition, we′re the supplier of many famous OEM, such as HITACHI, AICHI, DOOSAN, BAUER, XCMG, LIUGONG and so on, so you can completely rest assure our quality.
After-sale Service: 1.Transportation Slewing ring must be horizontal during the transport with anti-slip steps.
2. Storage When storing series of slewing rings, every slewing ring need 3~5 blocks directly in the circumferential direction, the circumferential direction location of the upper block and the lower block should be consistent. No erected placing of the single-row ball slewing ring. And the slewing ring should be stored in dry and flat indoor room.
3.Installation 3.1 The soft zone (shown by a letter "S" stamped on the surface of the gear ring), and the loading plug should be located at non-loading area, on-always loading area or slightly loading area. 3.2The backlash between gear and pinion should not less than 0.03mm(m is module). 3.3 The mounting surface must keep clean and flat,and should not have crape,burr formation and other extraneous material on it.
3.4 The mounting platform should have enough rigidity to avoid the slewing rings failure of work due to the deformation of slewing rings installation which caused by lacking rigidity installing frame. 3.5 The bolt′s selection should be based on GB3098.1 And the tightening nut′s selection should be based on GB3098.2.Bolt must have enough pre-tighten force and the produced pre-tighten stress must be the range of 0.6~0.7 times the bolt yield point is.
4. Maintenance
4.1The slewing ring has been filled a few of No.2 lithium based grease in the raceway before delivery. It is necessary to fill in grease once every 100 hours under the slewing ring turning around slowly.
4.2 Regularly check the seal is ok or not. Any foreign matter is not allowed to enter into the raceway.
4.3 Regularly clean the gear and spread with appropriate oil. Stop and check the machine during operation is there is abnormal noise, vibration occurred or suddenly driving force.
Year of Brand Registration: 2003-06-06
Business Philosophy

Professionism and commitment lead to success!

Advanced equipments, superb technics, perfect measuring, vigorous team successfully formed our commitment to be top-rank in China, well-known to the world.

Brand Introduction

Maanshan Tongli Slewing Ring Co., Ltd is located in the Maanshan economic and technical development zone, which is founded in 2003 by a group of engineers.
Tongli has a leading research group of individuals who have been studying slewing rings for 30 years. 4 of the leading experts in the technical team involved in documentation of the National Slewing Ring Standards.
We are capable of designing development and manufacturing with advanced technology. Our company has the capability to produce slewing rings diameter up to 4.3meters using numberical controlled lathe, drilling, and grinding processing machines.and has a 60000pcs of annual manufacturing capacity, including 3000 types of non-standard products. At present, 40% of our products is for exportation.

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company
Management System Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PAS 28000
Main Products: Slewing Bearing, Slewing Ring, Slewing Drive, Slewing Ring Bearing, Hardness Gradient Gear Slewing Ring, Ellipitical Raceway Slewing Bearing, Levelness Adjustable Slewing Bearing, Single-Roll Ball Slewing Bearing, Double-Row Ball Slewing Bearing, Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing
Main Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Annual Output Value: US$10 Million - US$50 Million
No. of Production Lines: 9
No. of R&D Staff: 21-30 People
No. of QC Staff: 21-30 People
Research & Development Capacity: ODM, Own Brand(TONGLI)
Company Description

Tongli Slewing Ring Co., Ltd is a specialized slewing ring manufacturer, concentrating in designing, developing and manufacturing slewing rings for 31 years. It′s headquartered in Maanshan, China, near Shanghai. With deep rooted company culture that ′ Professionalism and commitment lead to success′, Tongli strives to offer customer satisfaction with superb technology, reliable product quality and excellent service. As a leading company in China′s slewing ring industry, Tongli has an annual production capacity of 100, 000 pieces, up to 4M in diameter, covers an area of 93 000 M2, plant area of 43 000 M2, technical team of 26 engineers. Tongli is a high-tech company with strong research and development capacity delivered by our own Institute of Slewing Ring Research. With recent patent achievement of Elliptical Raceway Slewing Ring, Gear Hardness Gradient Slewing Ring and Levelness Adjustable Slewing Ring, Tongli become strategic partner of HITACHI, AICHI, BAUER, XCMG, LIUGONG. Group, and etc.